We've been incredibly lucky to have worked with some amazing clients and brilliant campaigns

Endura Roses

Organic Search Case Study

Find out how Endura Roses rocketed their online revenue in just 12 months. Since the beginning of the campaign activity Endura Roses have seen a dramatic increase overall visibility score for their chosen keywords of over 1200%

Not only has their visibility and traffic increased but the average monthly online revenue has increased by over 2000% in the 12 month campaign activity.


Push Doctor

Digital Advertising Case Study

Short term, highly effective and based on clear continuity our first role was to set about quickly repairing a number of legacy campaigns left incomplete and ineffective by a previous agency.

Once the loose ends and the incomplete tracking had been straightened out we set about creating a substantial Facebook ads campaign. Google Adwords was run alongside our Facebook efforts to maximise brand awareness and share the value of the service.

The results were nothing short of outstanding. Campaign reach increased by over 200%, conversion rates by 15%. CPA decreased by 80%.



Digital Advertising Case Study

Once upon a time if you had a big message and you needed to share it with a lot of people quickly then your first port of call would always have been TV. LiveLotto tried that. It didn't work.

We put together a multi-stage campaign using a variety of digital advertising channels with all areas of user interactions and reach saw significant improvements when compared to the TV campaign.

Cost per registered user down 1168%, cost per deposit down 931% and total number of register users for the same budget up by a whopping 3018%.


Big Star Copywriting

Paid Search Case Study

No stranger to running his own Google Adwords campaigns Big Star MD Derryck Strachan felt the time was right to bring in a little pro PPC help.

Sure, paid search had yielded decent results and Big Star had picked up some decent work over the years but it was time to step things up, this is where Didia came in.

Achieving a 77% increase in conversions in month one. A trend that continued through months two to six resulting in a 646% increase in overall conversions.


Spartoo UK

Organic Search Case Study

As any digital marketer knows, there are links… and there are links. Google has its standards and whilst the last thing it wants are weak, irrelevant links the first thing it demands is context and quality - genuine links from thematically related sites. And so that’s exactly what we delivered.

Not only has Spartoo’s reach of keywords increased from an average of 17,500 to over 25,000 but The number of commercial keywords within a first page page position has increased by 365% during the campaign.

The impact of this being a whopping 47% increase in organic traffic during the life of the campaign.


London Andrology

Organic Search Case Study

London Andrology had a wealth of knowledge around their services but lacked the resources, time and strategy to utilise it. This is where the Didia team came in.

During the first 6 months afterward we managed to increase the number of keywords with first page positions from 32 to 199 pushing the keyword visibility score by a whopping 55% which wasn't too shabby.

After 10 months of the campaign we reached a staggering 420% increase in the number of conversion being generated monthly.


API Group

Organic Search Case Study

With more than 100 years of worldwide success in the manufacture and distribution of foils, laminates and holographic materials for consumer goods and printed media the business grasped the importance of forward thinking to maintain success.

At the start of the process we focused on the core content and most relevant keywords to configure an international technical SEO strategy which evoled into extended channels.

In just 8 months API Group experienced a significant increases in keyword reach and visibility across multiple territories. As well as an improved search performance that delivered a healthy 79% increase in year on year organic traffic. Subsequently, contributing to a record online performance across all territories.


The Dealer App

Facebook & Instagram Case Study

In a competitive market and with new stakeholders keen to see the app on as many phones as possible in as short a time as possible, the team at The Dealer App knew they needed to move their marketing efforts online. They turned to us for advice. It quickly became apparent that Social Media Advertising was the standout channel to focus our efforts on. Through this we were able to position The Dealer App directly in front of their ideal audience at an efficient cost.

Once optimised the social advertising campaign was achieving a coster per download of just £1.71 with Googles ads seeing a conversion rate increase from under 1% to over 10% in 6 months.


Fox Clinic Wholesale

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Case Study

Is an aesthetic and cosmetic products wholesale supplier with offices in the UK, Germany and Dubai. Having been incorporated mid 2016 Fox Clinic Wholesale has quickly risen to become one of the leading suppliers in the UK.They had secured exclusive distribution rights for the UK and Germany with Korea’s best selling dermal fillers and they needed to quickly develop a large client base of repeat customers to ensure that they retained this deal.

In the 18 months since Didia have been involved, Fox Clinic Wholesale have reached millions of target users through their social advertising campaigns which has generated 1050% growth in their new customers and online revenue.