Good website design is fundamental for marketing your business online.

What Can A Good Website Achieve?

Without a website that works hard for your brand, you risk being lost in the crowd.
But how can you make your website cut through the noise so that people will notice it, visit it and explore what you have to offer.

The Website Design Process

The design process is the key to unlocking the potential of your website. We specialise in website design in Manchester, and we focus on what goes on behind the scenes as much as what appears on-screen. This is because your website should perform as a strategic marketing tool, helping to attract your target audience, raise brand awareness, drive traffic to you and convert it into business.

We take a systematic approach, involving:

  • Project scoping
  • Wireframing
  • Concepts
  • Execution

The chief benefit of this approach is that at each stage we review and refine, to ensure your final website design will meet your business objectives. Crucial elements include:

  • Colour and typography
  • Images and video
  • Site navigation.

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What Goes on Above the Fold

However strategic your website is, it should also have immediate impact.
Above the fold is the main part of your web pages which visitors will first see on screen, before having to scroll down.

Your website design must be able to capture the interest of visitors with this visible area, which is why we treat this as your prime real estate.

Development Drives Functional Design

It’s not enough for your website to look good. It must also perform well too.

Website development is the bit that goes on behind the scenes, that ensures your site will work well for your visitors.

Two critical elements here are:

  • Responsive web design
  • Technical optimisation.

It is also essential to choose the right platform for your business.

We specialise in WordPress and Magento platforms, and we’ll always ensure that the website design fits in perfectly with how you want to run your online business.

Complete Website Design

What makes Didia website design different?

You want a website that will work for you, and we know that this requires more than something that looks good onscreen.

Complete website design means aligning your website design with your business objectives, and making sure that your website will give your target audience the kind of experience that will help to support your business growth.

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