Website Design & Development

Welcome to Didia; where web design, conversion strategy, customer experience and sales driven marketing strategies blend together to create valuable brands and businesses.

Content Managed

We specialise in a range of content management systems design to giving you high levels of autonomy once your new website is live.

Mobile Ready

We design all of our client website with a “mobile first” mentality to ensure that your customers get the very best experience while on the move.


Highly intuitive e-commerce websites that are UK focused and designed give a great experience and convert your website traffic into more online sales and revenue.

Wordpress & Magento Experts

We don’t try and reinvent the wheel, instead we specialise in creating bespoke websites using open source content management systems such as WordPress and Magento. No templates, just great design and development.


If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. WordPress is still by far the most used content management system; with around 18 million installations across the globe. Our team are experts at creating lightweight, responsive, highly editable WordPress websites.


If you’re selling products online and have a need an e-commerce system that can handle your growing business then Magento is arguably the best system available in the marketplace. Our team have a wealth of experience in develop Magento websites.

Convert Visitors into Customers

Don’t lose customers to your competitors. Make your website work harder for your business today.


We specialise in creating marketing and sales strategies that are designed to get more of your website traffic to take the action that you want.


Your website will be highly optimised for all devices, traffic sources and search engines; ensuring that your business is fully ready for growth.

User Journey

Our team can help you consistently analyse your user and website traffic behavior and tweak your user journey, giving you the best possible conversion rates.

Work with us

The team would love to hear about your new web design project, to see how we might be able to materialise it for you. Get in touch with us today and we’ll put the kettle on.

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