Your website has the potential to be an extremely effective marketing tool, but this depends on its usability.

Tailor Your Website To Your Customer

Here at Didia, we know that the way to meet our clients’ needs is to make sure the websites we design and develop for them serve the needs of their customers.

What Makes a Website Memorable?

What will make someone browsing on the internet, who clicks on your site, stay there?In an accelerated digital culture, the challenge is to make your site memorable. Usability does this.

Key aspects of good UX website design are:

  • Visual, and
  • Interactive.

It is about ensuring that text, graphics, videos and overall layout work together to enhance the user experience and maximise the usability of the website. This is what makes a website memorable to visitors, and makes them want to explore it further. However, usability is not just a question of taste. Like other key aspects of website design, it works best when it is part of a strategy.


How User-friendly is Your Website?

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Clarity is Crucial to UX

A website with a clear visual hierarchy enables its visitors to navigate to where they want to go, and where you want them to be.

Remember: people scan websites rather then read them. They scan your content, looking for something that stands out for them.

Immersion Adds Value

The more involved you can encourage visitors to be, the more value they will get out of your website. This increases their chances of conversion. Tactics to encourage involvement and immersion include:

  • Quizzes and surveys
  • Offers, vouchers and free trials
  • Outcome generators
  • Downloads and ebooks.


Won't Users Simply Find My Content?

This is not something you can leave to chance. UX website design is all about ensuring that the things you want people to notice will be noticed. At the same time, your website should offer clarity with its content. Don’t be afraid of keeping your messages simple, because this is what will appeal most to users. Put usability first: above the look and feel of your site come the qualities that make it functional.

UX Design

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UX is about Knowing Your Audience

How well your audience interacts with your website depends on how well you know your audience.

Our process for website usability therefore means listening to you first, gaining a clear understanding of your brand and its target market. Equipped with this insight, we can analyse your site design and work out what you require to help you use it to attract, engage with and market your brand successfully to your audience.

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