The New Penguin 4.0 Algorithm

Update for Google: Everything You Need To Know

Just when we’d lost hope after waiting nearly two whole years, the Penguin algorithm used by Google has finally been updated. Over 12b total queries were affected with the 2014 update, but this one will no doubt have a much greater blow to the search engine. Here we are going to take a look at how this algorithm could potentially affect your business for the better, and what future changes you’re likely to see to see as it begins running in real-time.


What is the update for?
For Google to work effectively in determining search rankings for businesses and just about everything people search for online, it needs to have an accurate algorithm to filter all the information it scans for. Penguin was originally created to find bad and malicious websites that used techniques classified as ‘black hat SEO’ including overuse of keywords and irrelevant links. In short, it encourages site builders to make sites with good-quality, useful information for its searchers.

A real-time operation
For sites wishing to spam the search engine, this algorithm now operates in real-time instead of just being an access point that is referred to periodically. Before, sites which were marked with penalties were doomed to stay in this condition until the next check, even if the original predicament had been rectified- two years in some cases! Now, as Google bots re-crawl the site in real-time, updates will be taken notice of and changed accordingly

It blocks spam more effectively
With this update, a site using a signal classified as spam will be given a lower ranking but it won’t affect the domain as a whole- a very welcome addition! Multiple pages giving a bad signal will be determined on an individual basis and those found to be in violation of the Penguin algorithm will be blocked. This is fairer and simple errors won’t let your ranking or domain fall significantly.

It’s faster than ever
Links are being evaluated at breakneck speeds with Penguin 4.0 as the bots crawl, and changes that you’ve made will be picked up at a much quicker rate. Penalties can now be taken away at a faster pace and content gets evaluated and analysed rapidly benefiting both page owners and searchers.

A change in basic SEO practices
Site owners who have ploughed money into SEO in recent months and years are going to really see the benefit of Penguin 4.0. Gone are the days of waiting months for a penalty to be removed, you can kick-start your efforts once again as soon as you find out the issue. Pages are re-indexed and crawled quickly so your ranking climbs much faster if you’ve changed black-hat techniques for white-hat ones.

Will it affect current rankings?
Rankings are likely to sway as this update takes effect, but if you’ve got solid links, decent content and good quality traffic then don’t worry too much. A long story short, improve your user experience and Google will improve your ranking.

When will these changes take place?
This isn’t only the latest and greatest update from Google, but it has also declared that future updates aren’t going to be made public in the interests of searchers. The algorithm update doesn’t take place overnight, but instead will be rolled out over a number of weeks, so keep checking your ranking regularly during this time. In the meantime, just keep doing what you’re doing in terms of SEO and they will surely pay off in the long run. It is a much fairer and less complex system that will allow you to put things right in a matter of hours instead of worrying about your ranking for weeks- it will also improve competitiveness between similarly matched businesses.