Technical SEO is one of the strategic pillars of successful digital marketing and website design.

Technical SEO Is Fundamental To Being Found Online

Internet users are asking certain questions, if you can answer some of these questions then they are more likely to find your website using search engines.

Is Your Website Pretty On The Inside?

However good-looking your website is, unless people can find it, it cannot perform properly to support your business. Getting your site noticed involves these aspects to do with your web content:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Tags
  • Word count.

Keywords are the words people use when searching online. If your site has the right number of relevant keywords, in the right places, then this will help with how Google ranks it in search indexes.

Search intent is important here: what are internet users looking for, and for what reasons? Strategic keyword targeting will help raise your site’s profile, putting it in a position to provide the answers your audience is looking for.

Tags are the metadata which enables search engines to better understand the content of your site, and organise and classify it. They are a critical component in technical SEO. Another aspect is word count. Longer word counts for certain types of content can help boost your website’s SEO.

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Build Your Site With SEO In Mind

Our approach to website design and digital marketing is to make sure these crucial technical aspects work to support the look and feel of your online content.

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What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO relates to the way your website is built, and how your server is configured. Your website should be easy to crawl with minimal errors. If you don't meet the right specifications, you'll be penalised by search engines and your pages won't rank as well as they should.

  • Server Speed
  • Page Loading Time
  • Website Structure
  • Sitemaps
  • Site Usability
  • Site Efficiency
  • Code/Text Compression
  • Image Optimisation

Well optimised Technical SEO is the foundation of any good website and not only improves your user experience, but shows Google, Bing, Yahoo and all other search engines that your website is good quality that can be trusted. In return, your content will be shown above those who didn't take the time to appease the search engine requirements.

Can Your Audience find Your Website?

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