Skills a Social Media Manager Must Have

There’s not one secret ingredient that makes a Social Media Manager (if only it were that easy).

So, let me talk you through what it takes.


Whether you’re writing Instagram captions and Pinterest pins to grab people’s attention, composing compelling copy in a blog post to make the reader think or retargeting a Facebook or Google user to get them to buy your product; you need to be able to use your language as a marketing tool.

Just think of a few brands that are killing the social media game lately, whether it’s Wendy’s, Taco Bell or Nike, they all have an authentic tone of voice and distinct way of writing.

By doing something as simple as replying to their customers in a specific tone of voice, these Social Media Managers have not only increased their online following, but have changed their brand’s positioning in the industry as a whole.

Video Creation

Video Creation

It goes without saying (hopefully, by now) that video on social is currently the most important form of content; and it doesn’t look to be changing any-time soon.

Over 500 million people watch video on Facebook every day, according to Cisco’s research; and, four years from now, video is poised to account for a massive 80% of all internet traffic.

Now you understand the importance of video, do you really think it’s satisfactory to have a social media manager that can put great tweets out, but chokes when behind a camera?

A fully fledged Social Media Manager needs the skill to not just create great video, but utilise each video for each platform. They need to know the components for a compelling Facebook Live video, IGTV video, LinkedIn video etc etc.

You get my point.

Customer Service

In 2018, nobody wants to pick up the phone and wait on-hold for 20 minutes to speak to a business. According to a study by J.D. Power, 67% of consumers use social media to ask questions and to find help resolving problems.

Therefore, the bottom line is, you are putting your business at major risk if the person on the receiving end of these questions doesn’t have good customer service skills

People absolutely love a brand that interacts with them. In fact, they are 3 times as likely to recommend a brand to a friend if they have had a good experience with them on social media.

The job of a Social Media Manager is to also be a community manager, so acing customer service is essential.

Design and Photo Editing

Design and Photo Editing

Social media is a world dominated by visual content, so if you want to stay ahead of the game, having the ability to design and create great visuals is important.

Anyone can be a photographer now, due to the smartphones in our pockets.

So this is more important than ever.


Content that has a high social reach and gets lots of shares, likes and comments is likely to get similar engagement metrics that will be read by Google’s algorithm and positively impact your Google rankings.

This is a correlation rather than a causation, so while you don’t want to build your social media strategy around SEO, it’s definitely a good idea to be conscious and aware of search engine optimisation.

Analytics and Reporting

Social media is crowded and competitive.

For a Social Media Manager, the skill of tracking, observing and learning from your social data is essential.

Without it, you won’t know what strategies do and do not work.

No bad things can come from being data driven.

Paid Social

Understanding the relationship between both organic and paid social is crucial.

There is a wide spectrum between posting a photo on Instagram and hyper-targeting potential customers through Facebook.

Understanding all areas of the spectrum and being able to effectively carry out different marketing strategies leaves you with a deadly advertising arsenal.

Research and Planning

Research and Planning

If you thought research skills stopped being necessary after high school, think again.

You can’t tailor content to your audience if you don’t know who they are or what they want.

Things move fast in this world and sometimes it’s easy to get caught in the moment. Regular planning will ensure you keep your eyes on the bigger picture.

There are many Social Media Managers out there that barely have any of these skills needed to fulfil their title, but they survive because they’re essentially a micro-manager to people with the required skills.

If you nail down these 8 skills, you’ll be a fantastic, fully fledged Social Media Manager.

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