Running to achieve our ‘business for good’ goals

Sunday morning, my alarm woke me up at 6:30am. I reluctantly rolled myself out of bed, dragged my feet to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and chugged down a pint of water. All to prepare me for the longest run I have ever attempted. Yes it was only a 9 mile journey so it was nothing groundbreaking but, it’s still early days

And for those of you who may have had any doubts before, Winter is definitely on its way in (my frosty fingers confirmed that) and I learned that vaseline is not a preventative for burnt nippels. But putting all that aside, I began to think to myself that I might have bitten off a little more than I can chew by saying I’ll run the Manchester marathon.

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So why would someone like me, who has never run further than 5k, nor built for running, jump feet first into a marathon?

Well, as cliche and it sounds, I’ve been on a bit of a journey in the last several months, both in my personal and business life. I’ve met some very kind and inspiring people who have given me the nudge I needed to look into both aspects of my life a little closer. Therefore, I began to take the time to think about what I want my business to stand for which I have overlooked for quite a while and it has got me thinking about the future.

Over these past several months, it has also made me realise how easy it is to get distracted by the day to day grind of running a business; of becoming so busy being busy that you don’t see how off track you are. And being introduced to a whole new philosophy on how businesses should take more of a responsibility to do some good in the world, for no other reason other than the fact they can; has inevitably shifted my belief in what I wanted for myself and my business. Because, as a business owner, it’s easy to look at some of the more famous philanthropists like Carlos Slim Helú, Gordon Moore, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates and think “it’s easy for them” because of their outrageous wealth.

The inspiring new friends I am talking about recently said to me, “Warren, I’ll be happy when the day comes that a business doing good is no longer a USP”. This is the same person who is set on donating 50% of their latest business profits to charitable causes. Something that has really stuck with me and inspired me to make some promises of my own.

One of these promises is that I want to give as much as I possibly can, as often as I can. I want my business to leave something behind which has made even the smallest of a difference.

Which brings me to my VERY exciting news! In February, me and my team will be abseiling down a very tall building in Spinningfields to raise funds for a cause we are all so passionate about, Mustard Tree – an organisation that has transformed the lives of people in Greater Manchester who are trapped in poverty or homelessness. You can donate here;

We have also joined the international home for ‘businesses for good’, plus I have personally registered for the Manchester Marathon, in my attempt to intertwine my new goals for my business into way I live and as an entrepreneur.

But referring back to my frosty Sunday run. You may be feeling sorry for the man with throbbing nipples at 6.30am, you may now be thinking about your own businesses charitable goals or, you may feel like helping us achieve our new goals of becoming a ‘business for good’. If you’re any of the above, we hope you’re able to help us on our journey through making a donation to the marathon just giving page:

I will be running for Manchester Mind, which is an independent local charity working with those who suffer from mental health issues and is a charity I feel proud to be helping to raise money for.

Thanks for tuning in, I will be keeping you updated on the Didia teams journey to becoming the ‘business for good’ we thrive to be.