Quality vs. Quantity in Effective Link Building

Link building is undoubtedly one of the many features used to create a successful digital campaign, and one that has long-lasting effects for content. The way links are built has changed somewhat over the past decade or so, and now it has been refined to a fine art by Google bots and other search engines which can ‘see’ the difference between a helpful quality link from a not-so-great one. Having certain pages replete with links may seem like an innovative thing to do, however the quality of a link should also be taken into strong consideration. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the difference between quality over quantity in the world of page link building for digital strategies.


The Quantitative Path
In days gone by, this method of linking worked very well and allowed businesses to generate results quickly for a small fee to put them ahead of their competition. However, gone are those days when a primitive Google was easily duped by black hat techniques to garner effective SEO results, and now this method is seen as outdated and ineffective. The new and improved way allows business websites to earn their quality, helpful links rather than simply splashing out on them for instant results- and it’s worked a dream for consumers and business alike.

There is no magic number of useful links that have to be added each week or month, and the same goes for the time period when links are added- so long as you’re doing it naturally and organically there should be no issues.  Google only smells a rat when say 50 links are added in a few hours, then none for the following 4 days, then suddenly 40 are added again all in one go. Only in unnatural circumstances are red flags raised as to your authenticity.

The Qualitative Approach
Quality will always win over quantity when it comes to link building, much in the same way it does in other aspects of life. It is recommended from a myriad of real-life digital marketing experiences that one or two quality links to sites with a high authority are many more times effective than 100 links from sites that your customer will not gain any benefit from whatsoever. Google values you, however the ratio of business pages to worldwide users is much higher and it has a great deal of respect for its billions of users, who in turn respect it to create worthwhile algorithms.

To illustrate the point, a blog post about voice searching was created for the site ‘Search Engine Journal’ and a link to it was placed (and promoted) on the contributor’s page. After a few days the link was included in another posting on the site with a DoFollow returning to the blog post. An increase in organic traffic was immediately noticed and the contributing website actually experienced an increase in keyword positioning over 140 times higher. A week or so later, the blog post then ranked on the second page for the term ‘voice search’ and has stayed there ever since, only fluctuating gradually between page one and page two. All keywords that were used also say a 12% increase even when they had nothing to do with voice searching all as the result of one greatly linked blog post.

To conclude, always choose the quality over quantity path when it comes to creating a winning manual digital strategy. Make content that people want to share with their friends that will actually prove useful to them, and the results will come flooding in.  Keep links relevant and from sites with an already established authority in the niche you wish to gain customers from.