Data Visualisation & Interactive Content

What Is the concept?

Simply put, we create highly engaging, interactive and shareable digital content that can be used in conjunction with various marketing strategies to improve the overall result of a campaign.

This content can take a variety of shapes from scrolling or animated infographics to tell a story through to interactive data visualisations, maps, graphs and charts. 

Below you will find a PDF download with some of our previous projects and the results achieved with them.


Want To Know More About How This Works

Where does the data come from?

The data can come from a wide variety of sources such as:

  • FOI (freedom of information) requests to government bodies.
  • Free online API’s and data sources e.g The ONS, the Police or Council Departments.
  • Paid online data gathering such as surveys. 
  • Internal data from your organisation to provide additional insight

These are just a few examples but the list can go on and is only limited by creativity and resourcefulness.  

What is the benefit?

The digital landscape is becoming increasingly more competitive making it harder to generate positive results and create traction with campaigns. Using highly interactive and unique pillar content adds more weight to a campaign and can significantly in the following areas:

  • Improves the chance of acquiring PR exposure from high authority / value publications and media outlets.
  • Increases the volume of backlinks from these publications as there is value to the reader in doing so. This can have a dramatic impact on organic search visibility and domain authority. 
  • It can be broken down into smaller pieces of content such as blogs, social media posts, new PR angles which all help to increase the longevity and shareability of the campaign.

How does the process work?

Initially, we would host a meeting or video conference to discuss the content in more detail. This would include elements such as the campaign objective, data sources, visual outputs, PR angles, digital channels etc. 

Using this information, we can paint a clear picture of the project and we are able to define this in a brief. 

Once agreed, we produce initial concepts for the piece for approval / review, making any required amends allowing us to finalise the piece. 

These pieces can be launched by us or alternatively the files can be packaged and sent to an internal / existing team to launch. Once the piece is live, we will refund a round of testing to ensure quality control.


Don’t Hesitate To Reach Out

We’ll follow up with you soon to get some feedback but of course, if you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us, we’re always happy to hear from you. Your contact:


Tel: 0161 235 0777

Mob: 07963 409 235


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