Advertisers can bid to place their ads in the search engine’s sponsored links section, which features prominently on the search results page.

Does PPC Improve My SEO?

Pay per click, or PPC, is different to organic SEO. With pay per click, you place and advertisement for your website on search engine listings

PPC is not a shortcut to improved SEO performance, because it still depends on selecting the best keywords, but as part of a digital marketing strategy it can be highly effective.

Google Ads

This is the most popular global PPC advertising system.

With Google Ads, each advertiser has an Ad Rank metric, which is a combined rating of the ad’s relevance and quality with the amount the advertiser is willing to pay. The higher your Ad Rank, the more prominent your ad will appear on search pages.

This form of paid search dominates the most immediately visible content on search pages, so it does have an intrinsic value. But, to maximise its potential, you must have high quality advertising content.


Position Yourself with PPC

With careful planning and a dynamic approach to applying PPC to your digital marketing, we can help you maximise your online potential and raise awareness of your brand.

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How to Make PPC Work for You

To use PPC most effectively, we usually recommend a mixed approach, where you combine PPC with optimised, organic SEO for your content:

  • You can road-test your keyword strategies first using PPC
  • Use the information you get from PPC campaigns to refine your strategies for highest performing keywords

In synch, PPC and SEO can deliver rapid targeting of audiences and drive them to your site or landing pages, boosting your overall visibility and your brand authority.

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