Little Lever Street 10

Our Little Lever Street Home

Home Sweet, Little Lever Street, Home

Moving office is a strenuous, arduous and disruptive task, but a necessary evil in every business’ journey. Once a move is complete it comes with a plethora of rewards that makes the stress worthwhile. At the tail end 2018 Didia picked up our staff, Macs and favourite mugs and moved across to 14 Little Lever Street.

The Northern Quarter felt like a natural next step in our journey, being a hub for digital and creative folk. Plus, perfect poached eggs are a stone throw away at any given time. We set our sights on this area and with a helping hand from the wonderful people at Daniel Harris, we soon found ‘the one’. A second floor space with great potential for growth whilst not feeling overwhelming to put bums on seats. We are a small business built on quality expertise, rather than quantity. Thus a sustainable growth plan is key for our future vision which made the office our perfect home.

60 Minute Makeover

Well – more like 6 Month Makeover. Once we decided upon the second floor space of 14 Little Lever Street, we started to make the shell feel more like home. A little too homely at first as we worked off a dining table and plastic green garden furniture. Not the workspace dream. However, we didn’t want to rush into picking just anything to fill the space. It was important to ensure all the team were part of the design process. After all work is where people spend most of their time. And so, we wanted to create a space that was comfortable, relaxed and inspiring for all.

To add to the timeline of the project we wanted to incorporate an industrial theme as a nod to Manchester’s economic roots. In other words, we hand built our storage units and coffee table using scaffolding supplies. Throw in some cherry leather Chesterfields as a nod to everyone’s Nan’s living room at some point during their childhood. Finished off with a mix of indoor plants, marketing classic books, Rick and Morty merchandise, Marvel goodies and Manchester street art prints. Our office has soon become an eclectic home of geek meets digital chic.

Helping Hands

The support we received from our Didia friend’s was invaluable in the process of us getting settled in. From the helping hand of some of our clients in the supply of office necessities such as our office blinds and dynamic desk¬†unit. To the actual helping hands from the team, pals, partners and even mums. It was a long process but we think it has been the best investment of time and love. Have a nosy at our gallery of the before, during and beloved after snaps. We have an open door policy – as long as you don’t mind a varied playlist as a soundtrack to your afternoon – pop by. The coffee is always brewing and we have a solid stock of jelly beans at all times!