Like Babies Crying in Church

You know that feeling when a plan, a plot, a ploy has been lurking in the back of your mind? A germ, a seed, an itch of an idea that you know simply has to be realised? Be it tomorrow. In six months. In a year. Permanently persistent, this thing has a life of its own. It will not be denied.

For me? Well because I’m a bit of a marketing geek mine was to codify modern digital marketing (yeah I know… but bear with me).

I wanted to take the knowledge and experience accumulated over the last 10 years, insight shared daily in conversations with clients, with colleagues, with anyone interested better market and tired of wasting hard earned cash on failed or underperforming campaigns – and share it in a way that was easy for people to understand.

A good intention awaiting a good home.

But you know what they say about good intentions?

That good intentions are like babies crying in a church. They need to be carried out immediately.

The problem was… my plan was just that. A good intention. A plan. An idea. An unfulfilled flight of marketing fancy.

Without purpose it would never come to life.

So it’s a good thing I met Daniel Halenko.



A new client and now friend Daniel told me of the amazing work that his company does through the B1G1 – Business For Good platform. A ‘giving initiative that allows businesses and individuals to give easily to high-impact projects run by carefully vetted charity organizations’.

It’s an astonishing concept and the ability to impact so positively, so quickly and so visibly on people’s lives all over the world, people whose lives benefit enormously from B1G1 proved inspirational. Inspiration that has breathed fresh relevance into my business and new purpose into the idea of my guide.

A catalyst and all it took for me to sit down and over the course of three sleepless, caffeine fuelled of days and nights smash out all the stuff I’d been telling people over and over again over recent months.

Nearly 15,000 words of lessons learned, fingers burned, wins, sins, revelations, epiphanies and hard earned marketing battle scars from the frontline of digital marketing.

You can download it here.

But you don’t have to just read it. What I’d really like to do is present the highlights to you as a webinar.


Stop Wasting Money On Marketing – the essential guide to blended marketing

Wednesday, 7th March @ 12:30pm

  1. Discover how to be more marketable with ‘blended marketing’ that elevates you above the ‘crowd’ and makes you, your products and your services ‘magnetic’.
  2. Understand how to retain more clients for longer with essential CX (customer experience) techniques that radically strengthen and sustain client relationships.
  3. Learn how to build your ‘value ladder’. The incremental steps that will skyrocket your profits.
  4. Explore buyers’ psychology and the stages of a sale. The timeline of a buying decision about the strategies available to improve each metric.
  5. Learn the 3 Ws – Who your client really is. Where to find your ideal audience and What value you are genuinely adding.


Spaces are limited with just a limited number available first come first served. Register here (webinar is now over) to secure your seat.

Any questions, let me know.