How to Advertise Effectively on Facebook

A Guide for Small Businesses
Just about even SM platform has developed its own system for businesses to advertise their services and products, but Facebook scoops the top prize for its ingenious, easy-to-use methodology. It has the largest number of users, over 1.7b around the world per month, so it’s an online market ready to tap into for any small business.

It grants you access to display your business’ advertisements in the sidebar of the page of the profiles of your choosing- a very targeted way. However, businesses of all sizes can end up spending silly amounts of cash on ads that don’t prove effective because they haven’t nailed down the appropriate strategy. Here we will point you in the right direction quickly with a few small tricks that give you more bang for your buck.


  1. Create it
    First you need to design your page with all of the relevant information needed in the info tab, and then you can begin the promotion process. It doesn’t take a great deal to promote for free, and all that is needed at the preliminary stage is to post pictures, give updates and generally engage with the world and come out of your shell.
  1. Promote it
    You should begin to add in other strategies away from the main page too, such as effective plug-ins that direct traffic, let readers share the content with friends with a simple click, place the Facebook link on external communications such as letterheads and emails, and encourage followers to add you on sites such as Twitter for a small reward.
  1. Select the advert type
    There are many options that need to be explored on Facebook before placing an ad. Do you require direct customer engagement or would a consumer poll serve you better? If you’re looking for likes, then a promotional post could be the way to go. Read up on the different types and see which one fits your needs the best
  1. Get creative!
    You need to stay abreast of what’s happening in the world around you in terms of SM trends, news items, hashtags and even popular meme themes. Things that are already going viral online can be tapped into if they relate to your business, so change your ad to reflect this. Title tweaks are permitted, just ensure it’s relevant and serves a purpose.
  1. Pictures and more pictures
    We humans are very visual creatures, and things that look great can immediately generate attention. Use images in your ads that are high-quality and are colourful, plus keep the text fairly concise so as not to bore the reader with a wealth of reading ‘work’ when they just want to relax and browse the net. If you can’t find a good, appropriate image, Facebook has its own stock pictures.
  1. Be targeting the right people
    Facebook has a revolutionary way to target specific groups and the more targeted your ad, the higher the rate of success will be- and the lower the cost. You can let 10,000 men and women see your ad for nail polish, but only selecting 5,000 women to see the ad will prove much more useful and cheaper too.
  1. Keep track of the ads
    It’s one thing placing an ad but quite another to track its successes and failures. Facebook provides a great way to see the progress, and you can tweak ads so that they become more specialist and attract a wider variety of business customers- and a greater ROI too. Each click costs money, so don’t just let your ad run for months without fine tuning it based on the results it’s producing for you.