He Says He’s Out

How many times have you put the phone down on a cold call?

Blocked them? Told the caller you were busy or asked a colleague to say you were out? We all do it.

And how many times has a canny cold caller breached your defenses and actually managed to start a conversation? And was it a worthwhile chat? Rewarding? Were you keen to hear from them? Receptive? A call gratefully received? Did you buy owt?

Of course not.

Cold calls? They’re just interference. Static. Noise. An unwanted distraction.

Think you can build marketing success on unsolicited groping in the dark? A business even?

Honestly. Don’t bother.


DIY Cold Calling?

Sure, maybe as a small component of your overall marketing, then yes. There’s certainly an argument for factoring in an element of the cold call numbers game. Especially if you’re a senior B2B decision maker prepared to get hands on and reach out to fellow senior B2B decision makers.

But other than that kind of meaningful, high powered, targeted outreach, hasn’t the world moved on from scattergun ‘spray and pray’ marketing?

Answer: Yes it has.


Content That’s Too Good To Throw Away

Immersed in sales messages people are increasingly (and quite rightly) cynical of overt sales messages and far more receptive to genuinely useful information – ‘Content that’s too good to throw away’.

Fixes, shortcuts, money savings, guides, informational, education life affirming, life enhancing stuff, problem solving stuff – an intersection between the ways you as an organisation add value and the ways your value positively impacts on people’s lives.

That said, people have always run a mile when they’ve felt they were being sold to. We’ve always squinted at the snake oil salesman. Shuffled away from the too good to be true market merchants. And always sought and appreciated plausible, genuinely useful communication from those who clearly know what they’re talking about. Help from the generous, the kind. He who cares wins and all that.


The Who?

Of course if you’re going to go to the time, trouble and expense (yes… if you’re going to do something do it properly), then you’ll want to make sure you that:

1. You’re communicating with exactly the right audience – The Who


2. You know exactly where to find them – The Where

And that

3. You’re communicating in exactly the language they understand and talking about exactly the types of issues that matter to them – The What

So you’ll delve deep into personas. You’ll research competitors. You map out a problem solving, issue addressing content calendar. You’ll create goals. You’ll set up in depth analytics. You’ll get professionals in to manage and measure. You’ll build an evergreen library of top notch marketing assets your audience craves.

The kind of smart, sustainable and ultimately profitable marketing moves that smart, sustainable and ultimately profitable companies do while their competitors continue to flog the cold calling horse to death.

Who is it?

Never heard heard of him. Tell them I’m not in please.

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