Good Content is Like an English Breakfast

Full English, tea, toast and the morning paper – perfection! Is there a better way to start the day? We think not! Especially if you’re a content writer or digital marketer.

How is this so? Well, believe it or not, you can directly relate good content to an English breakfast. No, really! Great content, which performs well and delivers positive results, is just like having a good ol’ fashioned Full English! Read on and you’ll find out how!

Research – Bread and Butter

Bread and Butter
Whether you like it toasted, fried or just plain buttered – bread is the side of choice for an English brekkie. The essential mop material for your left-over bean juice! The term ‘bread and butter’ is also used in slang to refer to an individual’s livelihood, or to something that occurs everyday/ordinarily.
Great content requires thorough and regular research. No matter your subject or niche, you must understand its history and keep abreast of latest developments to form a solid argument or discussion of your own. Research is your bread and butter; without it you lack an appropriate side dish to back-up your main meal!

The Highlight – Bacon


Let’s get straight to what we came here for. Let’s not hide it, we’re all here for the bacon! Even if your choice is vegetarian bacon – or the healthier meat option in turkey bacon – this is the staple item of the English breakfast! Crispy, salty, delicious and the perfect Saturday morning remedy!
Bacon on a breakfast is as important as your main subject matter to your article or content marketing strategy. This is the highlight of your efforts, your statement piece and the whole reason we are here. Your content may have multiple goals and purposes, such as attracting more traffic to a website or advertising a new product. But ultimately, the subject of your piece is what people want to see or hear about first.
Focus on the quality of your bacon, and the rest of your breakfast should cook along nicely with it!

The Support Act – Sausages

Please welcome the supporting cast – the sausages! Some people can’t have a breakfast without them, others aren’t so fussed. Nevertheless, if asked to list items on a Full English, most people would probably mention sausages after bacon. It is the perfect partner – just think about pigs in blankets!
So if bacon is your main point of view and subject matter – sausages are your evidence and examples to support your argument. When thinking about a content marketing campaign, your sausages are your follow-up pieces that reinvigorate interest and interaction. Here’s your bacon – and now wham – here’s some sausage too! All in good taste of course!
In truth, bacon is pretty miserable alone on an English breakfast plate – it needs the supporting sausage content to go with it!

Distribution – Beans

Ah the age-old debate – where do you put your beans on your plate? Distribution is a massive factor when it comes to beans. Do you place them on top of your hash browns (so that they go soggy) or do you set them near your egg (so you can mix in the yolk)? Are they scattered everywhere or neatly in one place? Everyone is different!
This represents how you distribute your content – where do you place it? How many places do you include your beans? If you scatter your beans everywhere they become diluted. So almost every mouthful will contain at least one bean, but not enough to overpower the tastes of your other ingredients. But if you place all your beans together and eat them all at once, there is no longevity in this.
This is the perfect analogy for content distribution. You must think and plan carefully where to post your content so that it makes the most impact. Is it better to hit your audience all at once, or with a staggered approach over time?

Client and Brief – Egg

Egg lovers can be quite fussy, as a lot of people like their eggs cooked in different ways. The quality of an English breakfast can be quickly ruined or improved with the way you cook and serve an egg. Some people like the yolk runny, some like the egg to be well cooked, etc.
This represents your client or the brief you have been provided with. It also represents style and approach. Every client is different and each one brings their own set of difficulties and challenges. This is the same for writers and how they approach a content brief. Everyone’s style is different – or they should be!
Think of your egg as your writing panache, the difference you offer in the market and your originality. No one cooks an egg like you do! If you must cook an egg for a client, adaptability is key to ensure you can deliver what they expect and in their style.

Covering Both Sides – Tomato and Mushrooms

Tomato and Mushrooms
Okay so we might as well address the issue we’ve so far ignored. English breakfasts are, of course, not the healthiest option when it comes to your morning meal. It is not advisable to make this a regular or daily thing. However, there are some elements to a breakfast that you can consider healthy(ish) depending on how you cook them.
This is where your tomatoes and mushrooms come into play. As long as you do not fry them, tomatoes and mushrooms create a little tiny bit of balance. This allows you to cover both sides – the unhealthy and the healthy. It is also important to cover both sides of any argument, viewpoint or theory you are putting forward in your content.
In a content campaign you should cover all bases, or as many as possible at least. This allows you to create an all-rounded and comprehensive piece that provides substantial detail on a given topic or subject area.

Social Sharing – Black Pudding

Black Pudding
Black pudding is like Marmite – it has the entire nation divided. Some people love it, others can’t even bare to think about it. This very much represents the optional element of an English breakfast and has created a common debate in greasy-spoons up and down the land. Do you or do you not have black pudding?
Another environment that is full of frequent debates and split opinions is social media. The internet has provided a platform for real people to express their thoughts and opinions, both directly and indirectly towards brand names and companies online. Everyone has something to say these days! So black pudding represents your social engagement. Put your stuff out there and see what people think – do they like it, or can they not bare to even think about it?

Analysis – English Tea

After you finish your last mouthful and place your knife and fork back down on the table in victory – what happens next? It’s time to wash it all down! A cup of the finest Char will do nicely thank you! Sit back in your chair, let your stomach settle and slowly sip your tea whilst you savour the dying flavours of your devoured breakfast. This is no time to rush, you must let things digest slightly as you take in the nutrients and plan for the day ahead.
The tea drinking stage represents your content analysis. This is where you explore how your content has performed and how you can plan for a better execution in the future. Just like sitting with your tea, now is a time for contemplation and reflection. Savour the flavours of the content campaign that has passed, whilst planning your next move ahead.

As for the newspaper, you can probably bin that! Full of old nonsense anyway!

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