A good website is an extension of the brand it represents.

Your Website Is A Part Of Your Company

Therefore, branding sits at the heart of how we design websites and execute digital marketing campaigns for our clients.

Your website must have a consistent brand message. 

Branding Supports Recognition

The more familiar your business becomes as an online presence, the greater  the trust you can build with your target audience. This brand recognition and trust will help differentiate you in a crowded digital marketplace. However, for this to happen, we have to ensure that your brand identity and messages are consistent through your digital channels.

Tone of Voice

What you say to your audience is important, but just as vital is how you say it. Your brand’s tone of voice helps to set the level of your relationship with prospects and customers. This tone of voice applies to your website and other digital content, and to how you reach out to audiences through social media channels. As part of our design and digital marketing processes, we make a point of getting under the skin of your brand, to make sure all your marketing activity stays on-message.

Is Your Audience Brand-aware?

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What Goes on Above the Fold

However strategic your website is, it should also have immediate impact.
Above the fold is the main part of your web pages which visitors will first see on screen, before having to scroll down.

Your website design must be able to capture the interest of visitors with this visible area, which is why we treat this as your prime real estate.

Digital Brand Assets

Your website and your online content are brand assets. If you use them strategically, in the most effective ways, they will work to engage with audiences and raise awareness of your brand. The nature of your digital brand assets will depend on the type of business you are, but typically, they will include:

  • Website content
  • Digital Downloads, reports and whitepapers
  • Promotional and marketing videos
  • Brand guidelines.

Didia’s big-picture approach to digital marketing and website design includes support in helping you develop, manage and maximise these digital brand assets.

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