Industry Reports: Training Sector

This series of reports has been developed by Didia to provide a bird’s-eye view of the digital and online marketing performance of a portion of the Training Industry.

The goal of this industry report series is to display a benchmark for each business, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses based on their digital and marketing data.

The research used to generate the reports was narrowed down to 210 businesses which were built up from a various search results to give us a broader spectrum of businesses in the sector. These reports only scratch the surface of the industry and offers the opportunity for deeper research and insight. This additional research data can be delivered on request.

Data, Data, Data

The data that has been gathered to form the report has come from a combination of various premium online research tools and good old fashioned manual research to give us a more rounded picture of all the elements. This data covers a wide selection of metrics from organic search, social media, website pages speed and even customer reviews. 

Below you can see a screenshot taken from a portion of the master data sheet. 


Report Tiers

Due to high volume of data across the 210 businesses used in the development of this industry report, the output has been broken down into 6 tiers. Each tier is made up of 35 businesses to make the data more digestible for readers.

The tiers have been ordered based on the number of keywords that the website has on the first page of Google. This is often a strong indicator of the overall organic search performance as it takes a number of metrics into consideration to impact this.

The report tiers work in descending order with Tier 6 being the best performing websites and Tier 1 being the websites that have a smaller online presence.


Our Reflection

This has been an interesting industry to research as it has offered a very varied mix of services, value propositions and routes to market.

The industry seems to be primarily split between businesses offering bespoke training services which can are conducted in-house for the client, and businesses offering a wide range of course material which can be purchased online for the client to use how they see fit.

We have seen several different approaches to sales and marketing with some several businesses working on every strong organic search and content strategies but others being more business development focused.

One of the most notable points from this research is that although the industry is primarily expertise driven (exchanging knowledge for revenue) there are only a small number of businesses that have developed their assets (supporting marketing and sales material).

This is by far one of the biggest gaps that we can seen for the businesses looking to improve their marketing and sales performance.


Download The Reports

In the tables below you will find a breakdown of all the businesses that have been included in the master research data. Each table has been split into the tiers and lists the businesses contained within that tier, making it easier to navigate to the report that you wish to download. 

Download Tier 6 Report

Download Tier 5 Report

Download Tier 4 Report

Download Tier 3 Report

Download Tier 2 Report

Download Tier 1 Report

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