Tracking & Reporting

If You Can’t Measure It

Then how do you expect to manage it?

One of the most common and consistent frustrations that businesses encounter in their marketing campaigns or when engaging agencies is tracking and reporting.

No visibility or usable data. A recipe for bad decisions.

No Excuses In 2019

Whatever the reason or source of irritation surrounding your current reporting and tracking setup, there really is no excuse with the wealth of accessible technology available today.

The Technology Is Available

Using the right systems you can attribute invoice value right back to a telephone call, which can be linked to a piece of content that was distributed on a social platform.

Or track all of the pages and time spent on your website in the last 6 months by somebody who has recently downloaded a brochure.

You can even view hundreds of recordings of how people use your website to get a deeper understanding of what improvements need to be made.

This range of technology can provide your business with insight that you may never have thought possible.

Knowledge Is Power

The Didia team are tracking and attribution specialists with a real passion for data. Our Track & Report services are designed to help you close the loop on your marketing activity. Enabling your business to make truly informed decisions based on real, tangible insights.  

No more smoke and mirrors. No more “Does it work?”. No more “What’s the ROI?”.

If you’re looking to get a better grip on your online strategies and create the foundations for long term success, get in touch with the team today.  

Remember, if you can’t measure your marketing activity you can’t manage it.

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