Strategy Mapping & Creation

Power Of The Word ‘What’

Far too often business are focused on how they can gain from the situation instead of looking at it from their client’s perspective.

Your clients have one thing on their mind and that is… what value are you adding?

Sadly, the answer to this question really isn’t “my service”

It Isn’t What You Want To Hear

There is a long queue of businesses offering services just like yours, who are saying the exact same thing. It’s all white noise to your average customer and you have to find a way to catch their attention. 

So how do you differentiate? Stand out from the crowd? Add more value than your competitors?

The Answer To All Your Questions

It’s sounds simple but the solution is planning. “Is that all?”, we hear you cry… don’t be fooled by this seemingly simplistic approach. Effective planning calls for hard work and an astute attention to detail. It is the minute details that will give you that much craved edge.

By now, it’s likely that you have already invested time and resource in market research and customer persona development. If not, we highly recommend that you start here to ensure that your strategy is inspired and underpinned by solid data and research.

The Sat Nav For Your Marketing

You wouldn’t start a journey without know where you’re going first – fact. All too often this is the problem with marketing strategies. The strategy is all too quick to jump on the road without a map. As a result you are left wondering why you end up lost, or worse, somewhere you most certainly didn’t want to be.

This recurring problem is what sparked our Strategy Mapping product. To ensure that you not only get where you want to go, but with maximum results and minimal wasted effort and budget.

What Does Strategy Mapping Involve?

We commence the process with a workshop with your key team/personnel. The purpose of the session is to run through everything that we have built up in previous sessions and research. The workshop covers the following areas:

Research data overview: Discussion of what we have learned throughout our previous sessions and research

Content and assets: A review of your digital asset library including written content; videos, brochures, testimonials. All of which build value in your proposition and brand

Value ladder development: A deep delve into your services or products library to establish what the most effective outreach process is to maximise your conversion rates and revenue

Marketing channels: The recommended outreach strategy for each viable channel and how it relates to the conversion process

Technology options: Exploring available systems to determine which are the best fit for the business and why i.e the core benefits and features

Once this session is complete the Didia team will use this information to develop your marketing playbook. Not only will this outcome provide a pathway for your team to follow with the focus of agreed objectives, it will also outline roles and responsibilities within the core team.

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