Content marketing is content you create and distribute of content, designed to be valuable and relevant to your target audience.

What Can A Good Website Achieve?

This is pull rather than push marketing. By creating content that is of value to your audience, you attract them to you.

Instead of trying to market to them directly, this is a more indirect approach that is tailored to meet the changing expectations and behaviors of digital consumers and customers.

Creating Content

The type of content used in content marketing includes:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Videos
  • Case studies
  • eBooks
  • Whitepaper reports.

Long-form content has been proven to be especially successful in content marketing. By creating material that explores issues your prospects and customers have in depth, you can build your brand’s credibility as an authority in key areas of expertise. Content marketing strategies are long-term ways of growing a loyal audience and creating brand awareness through building trust.

Nobody wants to be sold to, unless they're ready to buy. Content marketing prepares the ground and enables you to compete more effectively for digital audiences.

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What Goes on Above the Fold

However strategic your website is, it should also have immediate impact.
Above the fold is the main part of your web pages which visitors will first see on screen, before having to scroll down.

Your website design must be able to capture the interest of visitors with this visible area, which is why we treat this as your prime real estate.

Content Optimisation and Distribution

However in-depth and customer-focused your content is, you must also ensure it is optimised for SEO, to help people find it online. Another element critical for the success of content marketing is distribution. It is not a case of it simply sitting on your site waiting for discovery. What makes content effective is its shareability.

Social media channels are perfect for this, enabling you to reach and engage with wider audiences. There is a reason why content is still king: it works. Content is the material that transforms the user’s online experience into something useful and valuable.

At the same time, it is important that while your content resonates with your audience, it speaks in your brand voice, consistently. Like other aspects of digital marketing, content is a tool, and it is only as effective as the way you wield it.

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