A Perfect Partnership: PPC & SEO

Both PPC and the practice of SEO are fundamental elements to any successful marketing and advertising strategy, but more often than not companies tend to direct their whole attention exclusively to just one or the other. Here we’ll be taking a look at how they can marry together harmoniously to give your business a real online presence with tangible results.

It’s clear that certain business circumstances warrant different approaches to marketing, but joining these two forms together in a meaningful way can prove highly lucrative. Smaller companies such as start-ups most often opt for the slow and steady approach of SEO to attract business whereas more established companied tend to pay out larger sums for PPC which brings almost instant return. Some marketing companies offering this type of service to companies can even put the two types in separate columns, selling both in their own right, but the fact remains that each method is used to achieve the same goal.


Double the data
The first thing to point out is that there are many similarities between the two strategies in the fact that they both amass a significant amount of data which can be funnelled directly into your own individual strategies. For example, they can give important information on metrics such as: the click-through rates, conversion rates, the time a visitor spends on a certain page and their recorded sessions, bounce rates, exit and entrance rates plus a whole host of other vital data. By making correct use of these facts and figures businesses can then apply this knowledge to keywords which prove more effective, allowing faster decisions to be made about the strategy’s efficacy.

Increased Visibility
By using both methods, PPC and SEO together, you can greatly increase the overall visibility of your business or product. When they team up they can have a significant impact on SERPs, because they show up twice- once in the results and once in the form of a PPC campaign.

Google’s choice to remove sidebar ads many moons ago had a positive impact on competition where organic searching was taking place. Now that there is much less space on the first page for this type of search, it’s imperative that you cover all possibilities to stay well ahead of the competition. Good quality content provided by you ensures that it appears in the Google sidebar for an increase in visibility, and this shows the potential when you combine SEO and PPC together seamlessly.

Any PR can be good PR
As your company grows there is a net increase in bad reviews which happens to the best of companies, so it’s good to be prepared when it strikes. You can use both PPC and SEO to drive traffic to a positive piece of information, even though it is commenting on the negative. For example, after the BP Oil Spill fiasco of 2010 the company ran PPC ads for the search ‘oil spill’ which directed searchers directly to the page displaying information on how the clean up was going- smart and super-effective too!

In conclusion
Businesses which combine these strategies can expect marketing campaigns in the digital world to do much better than using just one or the other. In fact, it can actually harm your business if you greatly neglect one of these tools that are readily available to you in this modern world. Assess your situation and see if it is right for your company after exploring all the different avenues.