9 Nostalgic 90’s Ads To Knock You Back To Your Childhood

There are few things in this world that bring on that deep sense of nostalgia like old skool TV adverts – no short of a good game of Pogs or eating a Jubbly (or the cheap frozen juice cartons in my case).

To this day I can remember the songs for so many ads as if they were still on air today…. So much so that it makes me wonder if it’s because I watched too much TV as a child or because there were only 4 channels (channel 5 didn’t go live until 97 and was chopy at best for a couple of years).

So we wanted to take a little trip down memory lane and curate some of our favourite and most iconic ads from the 90’s. Here’s hoping you’ll be singing them for the weeks to come.

1: Club Biscuits

We thought we’d start of on this classic…. I really want an orange club biscuit now.

2: Wagon Wheels

Rolling rolling rolling wagon wheels keep um rolling… there seems to be a pattern emerging here in food ads.

3: Crisp ‘n Dry

If this doesn’t stick in your head I don’t know what will… mama dont want no greasy food from no cooking ooooooil……

4: Levi’s Jeans (Flat Eric)

Okay so breaking the pattern here, it can’t all be about food. Oh Flat Eric you legend. I’m downloading this now.

5: Shockwave By Wella (Gorilla Ad)

Just remembered about this little gem. I remember talking about this in school when I first watched it. I decided to get into advertising that day.

6: Opal Fruits (Starburst for you youngins)

To this day, I refuse to call them “Starburst”….. I just can’t bring myself to do it.

7: Snickers (I’m Batman)

Breaking the British brands theme but I had to include this. It was too funny to miss it out. You don’t understand….. I’m Batman!

8: Tango (Orangeman)

Now I’m not for a second condining happy slapping but I dare you to watch this and not chuckle.

9: Toys R Us

I wanted to finish strong here with what I think was arguably the most memorable theme song from my childhood.

Admittedly I might be borderline with the air dates but I’m fairly sure this ran until 1991. Either way, it’s in and here to stay.

I hope you enjoyed watching classics again these as much as I did. Reach out if you have any suggestions for our next take on nostalgic ads.