Spartoo - ‘fashion from head to toe’

With ‘fashion from head to toe’ Spartoo is a French retailer with a strong UK Ecommerce presence. Looking for a digital marketing agency to assist in organic link building they were referred to us by an agency partner.

A proven ability to deliver specific KPIs, apply targeted link strategies and to do it all within a strict budget saw us quickly appointed.

As soon as we started talking with Didia it was clear that they were the right partner. Creative, clear thinking and focused on using search for defined business benefits we were sure they would do a great job. And that’s exactly what they did.
April BuchananMarketing Director - Spartoo

The right outreach delivering the right inbound links

As any digital marketer knows, there are links… and there are links. Google has its standards and whilst the last thing it wants are weak, irrelevant links the first thing it demands is context and quality - genuine links from thematically related sites.

And so that’s exactly what we delivered. Through guest blogging, product reviews, opinion leaders, through PR and through good old fashioned legitimate directories - work all focused on the fashion industry.

Maximum contextual impact and maximum bang for Spartoo’s marketing buck.

Hard and fast search improvements

Not only has Spartoo’s range of keywords increased from an average of 18,000 to nearly 21,000 by October 2016, this despite the latest Google Penguin algorithm update, but some of the heaviest hitting and most profitable terms have shot up the search rankings - “Converse” for example that has shot up from mid page three to the top of page two.

Quality link building is a never ending process. A continual battle to extend and support reach and build influence. With the initial project now securely concluded talks are already in place about how best to support the in house marketing department on both a project and ongoing basis.

Didia have been both professional and a pleasure to work with. Full of ideas, full of enthusiasm, but most importantly they’ve delivered the numbers. I very much looking forward to working with Warren and his team over the coming months and years.
April BuchananMarketing Director - Spartoo