Last night a PC saved my life

You may have come across online medical diagnosis specialists Push Doctor recently. With Series A funding under their belt they’ve been working hard through SEO/PR to quickly develop an industry leading reputation in this fast moving space.

Having recently moved their HQ to Manchester they needed to quick fire their online profile with a PPC and Facebook ads campaign. Instead of waiting until they’d put their marketing team together they brought us in on referral from their PR partner to get them up and running straight away. Forward thinking that put them ahead of the game.

Especially forward thinking as we carefully put together a new handover strategy ready for when the new marketing team was in place.

Short term, highly effective and based on clear continuity our first role was to set about quickly repairing a number of legacy campaigns left incomplete and ineffective by a previous agency.

The ultimate aim was always to run our digital marketing in house but having Didia in to ignite the campaign and then hand over the project was ideal.
Eren OzagirOwner

Set up

Once the loose ends and the incomplete tracking had been straightened out we set about creating a substantial Facebook ads campaign. Google Adwords was run alongside our Facebook efforts to maximise brand awareness and share the value of the service.

The power of Google and Facebook

With 33 million active monthly UK users Facebook is an ideal platform through which Push Doctor could reach its target audience. In the initial video campaign and subsequent retargeting, parents who want to be proactive for their children's health.

Google also has significant search levels for services offered by Push Doctor covering a range of high crossover terms such as “same day doctor”.

Both of these channels were brimming with potential and if used wisely and to scale could boost the brand significantly when scaled.

We also used the vast reach of both Google and Facebook to list build tapping into the flow of interest in Push Doctor’s products with offers of free registration and a £1 first consultation to capture user details for retargeting.

Focus, focus, focus

Such is the high urgency nature of Google searches for medical diagnosis it was soon obvious that Google was out best starting point. The best place from which to build insight on our audience and also the best converting channel.

Continually refining our keywords and using incremental advances in identifying the ideal Push Doctor audience allowed us to effectively use retargeting and also apply this information to Facebook.

Outstanding results

The results were nothing short of outstanding. Campaign reach increased by over 200%, conversion rates by 15%. CPA decreased by 80%.

Outstanding handover

Once Push Doctor’s marketing team was in place we went through a detailed campaign handover explaining the structure and strategy of over the course of three handover meetings.

The future

With an inhouse team now in place the day to day aspects of Push Doctor’s digital marketing are covered. That said, we still maintain a great relationship.

Great work from Didia to get us up and running. It will be great to bring in Warren and his team on future on other projects
Eren OzagirOwner