In it to win it

Once upon a time if you had a big message and you needed to share it with a lot of people quickly then your first port of call would always have been TV.

LiveLotto tried that.

It didn’t work.

What would once have been a virtually guaranteed success their TV campaign failed to return both a decent volume of site traffic, but more importantly, those all important conversions. How times change.

Back to the drawing board and pondering a fresh strategy LiveLotto decided to explore the Facebook ads route. Having previously tried it with only limited success they felt it was worth another go.

After talking with a number of agencies, including a previous provider, they chose to work with us.

With results that utterly destroy the Cost Per Registered User and Cost Per Deposit figures compared with the TV ads campaign and with Total Registered User Numbers skyrocketing as a result of the Didia Facebook campaign they’re extremely glad they did.

We’d already dabbled in Facebook ads but the work Didia did far outperformed those efforts. And compared to our TV campaign? Well really there’s no comparison - the Didia’s Facebook numbers trounced them. It was quite a lesson in the power of Facebook advertising when it’s done right.
Benn TimburyMarketing Director, Livelotto

Less luck… more science

We put together a multi-stage campaign.

A campaign that carefully retargeted users with a range of ad formats including video, carousel and static ads. As we’ve built the database of users we’ve used these profiles to create lookalike audiences to extend the reach of our campaign.

Put simply now we can reach a much more targeted audience profile based on the profiling of our rapidly growing audience.

The magic numbers

Because when it comes to paid search - data is everything. Data is what stops you having to guess. It’s the science upon which you can base your decision making.

Building a rapid awareness helped create the foundation audiences we needed to inform us of who we needed to reach out to next. Once we had relevant user data we could open up new options for ads and targeting. A virtuous circle of user acquisition.

And because we used the right information to reach the right people and we did it quickly, the numbers have gone through the roof.


All areas of user interactions and reach saw significant improvements when compared to the TV campaign. Almost embarccrassingly significant. Truth be told.

Here’s a breakdown comparison between the TV to FB campaigns.

   TV  Facebook Ads  Improvement
 Campaign Reach  61000  467000  765.57%
 Cost Per registered User  £95.80  £8.20  1168.29%
 Cost Per Deposit  £177.90  £19.10  931.41%
Total Registered Users  110  3320  3018.18%

With such impressive results LiveLotto would, unsurprisingly, like to repeat the success of our Facebook work through other channels and have a stack of other strategies to explore with us. Cross platform advertising on other platforms such as Google and YouTube for starters. Here’s to continued success!

We’d love to work with Didia to repeat the great success of their Facebook campaign work, We’re already taking a close look at the options available and which might get us the best return. Whichever path we take, I’m confident that Warren and his team will do a first rate job for us.
Benn TimburyManaging Director, Livelotto