Marketing is a war of numbers

Warren Williams

Managing Director


Get the numbers wrong you can slice through budgets like a Valyrian steel sword through a White Walker. Get them right and you can make it rain joy. 

You need a street fighter on your side - someone with the smarts, someone with the scars but most of all with both the knowledge and the ability to get the right numbers. 

No privileges where we come from. No sitting back expecting success to land in your lap. No mentors, no trust funds, no breaks. 


Because wars aren't won in the field - they're won in the planning room. Won using.

Deep analysis - Not only do we understand the power of statistical significance and probability we know how to harness that understanding for improved results.

User and data driven - We’re people people too. Understanding emotion, expectation and user intent as aspects of data.

Heuristics - Iterative testing means iterative learning means continual opportunities to improve.

Creativity - The ability to go places others might not even conceive of let alone visit. 


A process orientated approach - Successful digital marketing isn’t about tactics, it’s about process.

An obsession with detail - Immersed in the minuti. It’s where we do our best work.

Humility - Sometimes we’re wrong. Sometimes there are important lessons for us to learn.

A keen awareness of UX - Because it’s great UX that leads to great conversions

Curiosity - There’s usually a reason why. A better way. A cause or correlation.




At Didia we strive to help all businesses create more profit in their marketing activities through advanced tracking technology and conversion strategy. Our team are always ready to take on a new challenge so why not give us a call today.